Un projet caritatif pour faire briller les yeux des malades en Alsace

A family-friendly new place equipped!

Good morning, everyone,

Taking advantage of a repair to be completed on the pinball machine at the 1st floor of the Strasbourg University Hospital, we went to meet the entire team of the Ronald McDonald House in Strasbourg. We had already exchanged with Rabia, the really pleasant Deputy Director of the House. We had validated the interest, but we still had to place a pinball machine to test.

Well, it’s been done since yesterday! Taking advantage of the ongoing work in the gameroom of the onco-hematology department, we moved the pinball machine that had been placed there for exactly 363 days and installed it, with the precious help of our older son, in a room of the House welcoming the families of hospitalized children.

The pinball machine was directly attacked by a sweet little boy, who had already the opportunity to test the other two pinball machines previously installed in the Hospital. Indeed, his brother has been in treatment in the oncology department for 7 months. The little boy was delighted with this addition in this place, which has become a second home to him.

It is with great pleasure that we were able to see the joy of installing this pinball machine.

The parents also came to watch with a big smile the first balls played by this raising champion and thanked the whole association for this action.

This pinball machine will remain in the family home to demonstrate the usefulness as well as the choice of the best place.

There are now less than 3 days left to participate in the crowfunding that will allow us to invest in brand new machines.

The campaign continues here: https://www.ulule.com/des-lumieres-dans-les-yeux/

Thank you all!


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