A charity project that shines in the eyes of sick children

Our places of action

The first place we wanted to equip was really close to our hearts. This is the paediatric onco-hematology service of the University Hospital of Strasbourg. The team received very well our proposal to test the implementation of the machines. A pinball machine ran for a year before we decided that buying a new machine was justified. This is financed in partnership with ARAME.

The second place is the waiting room of the paediatric day clinic at Strasbourg University Hospital. Here, the crowds are much higher and the pinball machine is subjected to hundreds of games every day. The Ulule collection as well as the funds donated by OMALT allow the purchase of a pinball machine.

The third place is the Ronald MacDonald Family House. This place is in close partnership with the onco-hematology department and welcomes the families of children undergoing treatment. A pinball machine is currently being tested and we hope to be able to raise funds for a new machine.