Un projet caritatif pour faire briller les yeux des malades en Alsace

We did it !!

A fundraising campaign:

  • which lasted 40 days
  • broadcast on Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace (1300 views), 20 Minutes (1200 shares), France 3 TV and Web
  • covered by hundreds of unique visitors to the site
  • shared by more than 240 subscribers on the facebook page
  • with 38 contributors
  • discussed during a Pitch Pitch Ulule event
  • with 209 € of management fees from Ulule

and in the end: 2438 € collected!!!!!

We will be able to finance thanks to your donations and the donation of the city of Souffel-Weyersheim, the purchase of a new pinball machine which will be used to bring happiness to the children welcomed at the University Hospital of Strasbourg

Follow the project on : https://www.deslumieresdanslesyeux.fr/

We will contact all contributors as soon as possible. THANKS TO YOU

Benoit and the whole team

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