Un projet caritatif pour faire briller les yeux des malades en Alsace


The ARAME association was created in 1984 by Professor Lévy and has been chaired since then by Professor Patrick Lutz. The association brings together doctors, nursing staff, parents of cancerous children and all those wishing to participate in the action undertaken.

ARAME is a regional association whose main mission is to contribute to the healing of young patients from all over Alsace, by optimising their reception conditions in hospitals and by supporting scientific research programmes relating to paediatric cancers.

The aim of ARAME is to make the treatment of children with malignant diseases more bearable and to support them in the paediatric onco-hematology department of the Hautepierre Hospital in Strasbourg. It also supports scientific research programmes relating to childhood cancers and provides material assistance to families in need (housing near the hospital, for example).

This association supported us during the project and also offered to participate in the purchase of a new pinball machine in the teen room.

Thanks to them