A charity project that shines in the eyes of sick children

It’s a success

Good morning, everyone,

I have no other words to say it!

One month after the installation of the machines, we reviewed the project. I was indeed contacted by the Hospital because the “Mousin Around” installed in free access was broken.

When I arrived in front of the machine, I noticed that a rubber band was broken. Amazing, considering it was new. On closer inspection, it appeared that the left flipper was broken … he must have served well…

And audits do not mislead. In one month, this pinball machine played 3400 games!!! or more than 120 games per day. The staff confirmed to me the very regular use of the machine and the joy it brought.

I can assure you that I was delighted, as well as my wife and family who had come for the occasion.

As I went back to see the second machine with restricted access to oncopediatric service, the same smile came on my face. More than 1200 games in one month!

In short, we have to move on to more reliable machines and a larger project than a simple loan of a machine by a private individual.

Decision is taken to set up an association.

It is ongoing, and I will come back to this subject once it has progressed.

Thank you to all donors and those who supported or encouraged the project. This one has a meaning and a life of its own now.

Benoit, proud founder of the project “Des Lumières Dans Les Yeux”

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